Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Dinner

I kind of took this weekend off as far as the blog goes.   My mom's half brother, who I located after 42 years while doing the whole family history thing, came to visit this weekend so my mom wanted a picnic.   She's 81, in really poor health and when she wants to throw a picnic, what she's really saying is "Geoff will do all the work and I'll take all the credit".  Fine.  
So in addition to helping entertain my uncle and his wife (which was a joy, they are really cool people) I also invited the nearby relatives and cooked the whole meal for about 20 ppl.  Well, I cooked everything but the chicken.... THAT I ordered from a store.
  • The meal consisted of fried chicken. 
  • 10lbs worth of potatos for the potato salad.
  • Fruit salad consisting of Honeydew, Watermelon and Cantalop.
  • 45 deviled eggs
  • 45 Jalapeno Poppers (made from scratch baby!)
  • 2 huge trays of veggies and dip
  • Sun Tea
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pop
  • Coffee
There was puh-lenty of food.  
Highlights of the meal:
The ONE job I gave my sister was to pick up the fucking chicken, which she did.  An hour and a half LATE.   People were hungry damnit.
My uncle and his wife seemed to have a great time, and then I heard him say "I only watch FOX news".  Ugh.
My oldest brother brought his Seventh Day Adventist craziness to the meal and he and his wife also brought and ate their own food, talked government conspiracies and how they hate Obama.
My other uncle called at the last minute to say he and his daughter weren't coming.  No loss.  He's a loser and I can't stand his kid (who's an adult now).
My Niece, her family and another cousin didn't show. 
Everyone came early so I didn't even get to change and I 'needed' to change.
And that's how it went.   Everyone said they had a good time.
Family.  Can't wait to leave them behind.


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