Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trick, Then & Now

One of the very first movies my partner and I bonded over was Trick. Yes it came from a more innocent time (1999 to be exact), but it still stands up today (if you overlook the dot matrix printer, the Twin Towers, and a glaring lack of cell phones). Since iTunes fiiiinnnalllly added it, I've watched it twice. Tonight was the second time and I was singing "Como Te Gusta Mi Penga" right along with Steve Hayes loud, campy and proud!
I loved everything about Trick.  
Gabriel and Mark were hot and wonderful, Tori Spelling won me over in a big BIG way with her performance, and Steve Hayes was (and is) simply adorable. 

The cast has aged pretty darn well as you can see from the then and now pictures.   Christian Campbell (Gabriel), has been busy with recent TV and movie projects as has John Paul Pintoc (Mark).  Tori Spelling has a new show on TLC called "Craft Wars" and she has had several children.  To tell the truth, I'm actually pissed at Tori.  She was so AMAZING in this movie, literally kicking 'Donna' from 90210 into the dust and transcending her pesky 'Daddy's Girl' image....but we didn't see anymore quality indie stuff from her --color me VASTLY disappointed.  I thought she was poised to make some really fun, quality movies...sigh.  My favorite scene and dialog of hers is when she was freaking out in the Diner. "Where is the goddamn fucking cheese on these fries!!!??"
You can however watch Steve Hayes  do his shtick in "Tired Old Queen At the Movies" and he's just as hilarious as he was back in 1999!
My other major favorite character was Miss Coco Peru

"You know what happens when you get cum in your eye Gabriel???? It BURRRRRNNNNSS!"

If you haven't seen Trick, you owe it to yourself to revisit this gem of a gay movie.  You won't be disappointed, and if you're at all like'll wish you were in your 20s all over again!


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