Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Kitchy, How Cool Part Deux!

I like to visit thrift stores.  There I said it.   Now I know it may not be your thing (my partner detests it), but I love it!  I don't buy junk, or clutter...I look for the really cool finds.  For instance I bought a singer hand held sewing machine from the 1970s and it still works!
  I can hear you laughing, but I'll have the last laugh when I have to mend a hem that's come undone at the worst possible moment, just you wait and see.  I've found many cool things actually, including silver candlesticks...and I mean real silver with the hallmark and everything.   Pottery from the 1920s through the 40s which is just awesome and plenty more spectacular finds.    In case you're wondering, I don't troll the thrift stores. I'll just stop in every once in a while and I'm blessed with a good eye for finding legit treasures which happens all the time, such as the late 1800s small hump camel back trunk which I bought for 26 dollars and restored.  

My most recent find hit a little close to home however.   

I found this:
A pristine hardback copy all the way back from 1977.  I HAD to buy it, because it's gay history baby! 

Reading it however was a little bit of a challenge.   It's 156 pages of Anita detailing her fight to save our nations families from the threat of militant homosexuality.  Well the truth is it's about 30% of that description and the other 70% is  just scripture and prayer.   It's extremely nauseating but it has loads of photos detailing her exploits and "persecution", that are absolutely cool.  

The saddest thing I came away with after reading Anita's "story" however, was how much things haven't really changed.  Of course we've advanced light years in some respects, but we're also still battling the same old tired bigots just like Anita Bryant and her crew from the 1970s.   

I guess the good fight never ends huh?

I display this book prominently.....because this lady and her evil agenda lost....and it's a testament and trophy to that end.

Of course you've seen or at least heard of this incident with the pie.    Don't feel sorry for her when she starts to sob.  She was vile toward us.


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