Saturday, August 11, 2012

Podbean? You Suck.

So the podcast is supposed to be up and running.   It SHOULD be up and running, but oddly enough it's not.   I dunno why.   I upgraded the bandwidth account, I've uploaded the finished episode...but it just aint happenin.   Perhaps it will be 'processed' by tomorrow but I gotta tell ya it's frustrating!   Kevin from The Lisp is on with his music pics on Eclectic Grooves.  Aunt Frannie is doing OUR History now and even though she sounds a little like she sucked a tank of helium  I think it's going to be great!  Great.....IF we can get the damn thing published to iTunes!

Here's the new artwork for the first episode of the podcast....can't get THAT to show up yet either lol.   Ahh well......stuff happens!  
(But Podbean?  You still suck!)


chris said...


David said...

You're back ! Or maybe I haven't been paying attention.

Geoff said...

Hey David! Yup....I'm back lol.

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