Friday, October 23, 2009

Because You Forget

Because you forget, please remember,

All that you have accomplished in your life.   It doesn't matter whether you're famous and wealthy, or anonymous and modest.   Just the fact you are at this point here and now is something to be proud of, but of course there is so much more than you're aware of.

The future isn't written yet, and it lies before you.   Cast aside all the limits and barriers we as adults place upon ourselves and rediscover the optimism of youth where potential is limitless.

Your body really is your temple, so take care of it.  The future will be here before you know it, and you're going to need it in the best possible condition.  

Take heart, because even when it seems you can't make it through the will.

Because you forget, please remember..........somebody loves you.  Even at the lowest point in your life, when things are at their worst and you feel more alone than you've ever felt, hold onto this:  Someone knows who you are inside and loves you because of it.


markwagnal said...

This is beautiful, thank you.

ConfessionsFromATrailerPark said...

You write beautfully, it is almost as though you are speaking to each individual person, it is a gift. Thanks!

Brooke Santor said...

Nice to be reminded. We all forget that kind of stuff

cum.lover said...

as in "Good Morning, America"!...very nice, Goeff!

cum.lover said...

wishing that ConfessionsFromATrailerPark had a blog!

steven corry said...

I painted that painting of the two guys running! Ha! Steven Corry

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