Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Boy I Was...

I was in the second grade at Lincoln Elementary School during an especially harsh Idaho winter. I was wearing my new coat that had fur around the hood and I was working up a sweat playing a game of kissing tag. In our politically correct world of today I don’t suppose that game is still being played, but in the early 1970’s we played it a lot, and had a blast.

There were about five girls and three boys, and I’m sure the idea to play the game came from the pack of girls who chased us around the icy playground. I was caught once by a girl in pigtails whose name I cannot remember, but instead of sitting out I deviously offered my services to the girls team, to help them catch Scotty Tucker. He was their prize, and mine too but it was no surprise when she accepted my services. I was faster and stronger so me being her ally made sense.

Second grade then, and hopefully now, is too young to know much about sexual attraction, but I knew I wanted to catch, and hug Scotty. He was cute.

No one knew I had been kissed by pigtail girl so I was still in the game. I eluded the other chasers and with my eye on target., headed for Scotty and spun around to face ‘our’ pursuers. The girls had corralled us by the fence We were cornered. I waited until they were about to pounce on the two of us, and then dived to the right wrapping Scotty in a bear hug.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” he shouted! “YOU'RE A BOY!”

I know!" I laughed, "I’m on their side now!”

Of course I didn’t know how prophetic that declaration truly was. But long story short, he struggled, I squeezed tighter enjoying the feel of him in my embrace, the girls struck and when it was all over and done he was mad at me.

I don’t ever remember playing kissing tag again in the second grade.

2nd grade was a pivotal year for me, but those stories are for another post.

Scotty and I went through school together, but weirdly enough I don’t remember him in my school memories although my yearbooks prove he was there. I do however, clearly remember his face in the second grade on that cold winter day at recess, when he was my very first crush.

That was the day I learned something important about the boy I was, and the man I was to become.

Acompanying Aural:
Simon & Garfunkle: "The 59th St Bridge Song" /AKA  "Feelin Groovy"


Michael Rivers said...

Isn't is amazing how strong certain moments and memories can be? Great story. I wonder where Scotty is today. And if he remembers that tight hug.

Larry Ohio said...

What a great story! So vivid. I'm so glad you caught Scotty and got your arms around him.

It brought back a flood of icy playground memories for me too. At my school the boys and girls really only ever played together when playing kickball, and even then is was too regimented to form alliances like that. I had a major crush on a boy named Billy all thru grade school, even before I understood my gayness.

Kev said...

I grew up in Souther Cali so I can't relate to the winter, but we used to play kissing tag as well and that was in the late 70s.

A Lewis said...

Hey! I took driver's training at Lincoln Grade School....over by Fort Boise, right?? Yep. But I never kissed any boys there. But I wanted to.

Geoff said...

Nope, sorry Lewis. The Lincoln El I went to was in Twin Falls. Sorta close though!

Marcie Allen Stein said...

Great to hear a storie from the olden days! Hahah just kidding, it was very sweet.

RAD said...

good story...thx for sharing...So cute ...a tight hug!!

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