Monday, October 19, 2009

So Mad I Could Spit

I'm not sure what I expected, but after reading my Congressmans response to my email urging him to support GLBT legislation (which I sent before the National Equality March), I'm ticked.

After lecturing me on DOMA, he went on to say that, "When the issue of same-sex marriage has come before me in Congress, I have supported amending the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. Marriage has played a foundational role in our nation and in civilization throughout history. It is our most basic social institution, and it should be protected by law and not left subject to the whims of a particular court."

There's some more lecturing, but you get the point.   THIS is why everyone should be writing their Congressman.  When Geoff Martin writes, he thinks "Oh this is one fag...his fairy ass vote doesn't matter."  But when we write and call and picket EN MASSE, they will sing a different tune.

Here is what I wrote back:

Dear Mr Simpson,

I just received your email lecturing me on DOMA and your voting record against gay rights legislation.
I would like to remind you, that you serve at the behest of the voters, and your job is to represent all of them-- that includes those in the GLBT community.
As I'm sure you were reminded when President Obama was elected in a sweeping victory, this country is moving toward, and demanding change.
I'm sure you can recognize that regardless of your religious views, discrimination is illegal and morally wrong.
Please reconsider your outdated and embarassing views on GLBT rights and cast your future votes with the knowledge that even in Idaho, the voice for change is growing, and that change could mean filling your seat with an elected official who believes in equality for all.
We in the GLBT community will be watching your voting record and urge you to show your humanity and change your stance.


Larry Ohio said...

No offense Geoff, but your congressman is a D-I-C-K.

Michael Rivers said...

Love your reply back. That is great!

A Lewis said...

Mike Simpson has been one of many Idaho pricks for a very very long time. As horrible as this sounds, the sooner they go away, the sooner even Idaho can move into the new century. I've got a state senator from Idaho in my very own family and he would have the same response as Simpson's. Ick. Ugh. Such dark ages thinking.

Charlie said...

How can people be so blatant?

Kyle said...

Geoff, I get the same responses each time I write a letter to Judd Gregg, one of our senators. It is not like I am surprised, he is a repub, but if I take the time to write him(his staff) I would at least like him to address my letter or e-mail specifically. All I normally get, year after year, are preformed letters, for the specific issue. It's terribly insulting.

Auburn Ham said...

I dont trust any of them an I hate being cynical but it is true. All politicians are dicks.

John said...

Simpson was a D-I-C-K when he sat in the legislature in Boise and he will continue to be one in DC. So long as the #1 plank on his campaign platform is "Hi, I'm a Mormon. See you in 2 years", he will continue to 'represent' Eastern Idaho.

cum.lover said...

Way to go, bro! (I'm from NC. My rep, Virginia Foxx, is a dickess!)

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