Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loni Wasn't Feelin the Love Last Night....

I was watching Chelsea Lately last night on 'E' and while I normally love the show, it took a weirdly unfunny turn.

If you've never seen it, Chelsea Handler (a mostly inept comic) heads a roundtable at the beginning of the show where she reads off hot topics followed by 3 other comics who take turns being funny. 

Loni Love is one of my favorite comedians on the roundtable, but last night when Chelsea threw out the topic of Morehouse College initiating a dresscode banning the black, all male student body from wearing heels, and womens clothing  quickly became uncomfortable.  

Loni not only had a problem with the story but when the other comedians (including Chelsea who couldn't read her jokes off a cue card without stumbling to save her life...ever) made their jokes, Loni became visibly upset. 

At first it was hard to tell what exactly pissed her off because everything happened so quickly.  First there was the Brown University topic, then there was a joke about one person always being designated "the bitch" in an all male school, then it went to an impersonation by Jo Koy of a gay black man followed by an asian hairdresser doing black womens hair.   The jokes didn't come across as mean or racially offensive, the audience thought it was funny....I actually thought it was funny, but Miss Love was having none of it.

I guess I'm just sick of the double standard.  Black comics can say anything about white people and get away with it....but the reverse is not true.   Maybe white people have it coming?  I don't's an uncomfortable subject but a relevant one.

To me, it seemed like she was pissed off at the beginning by the insinuation there could be black men wearing womens clothing, or who are gay.   Someone even mentioned that if I remember right. 

In retrospect it seems Loni Love doesn't believe tolerance and equality work both ways. 

Maybe she should skip the roundtable from now own.


kris gilman said...

She really cant read her cue cards! We noticed the same thing

Kevin said...

i think i'm more upset by your evisceration of the Handler!

She doesn't always mess up the jokes, ya know.


sadly, i'll have to watch this somewhere online since no more Chelsea in Canada.

Kyle said...

Hi Geoff, I think she meant to say Morehouse College. Brown is a co-ed school and I don't think they have this policy at all.

I did a piece on Morehouse College and their new dress code/GLBT discrimination policy here:

Geoff said...

ARRRGH! You're right Kyle! I was going to fact check it but dinner was calling! Thankyou!

Geoff said...

Sorry Kevin....I know you love her, I sorta love her too...but she ALWAYS flubs her lines and they're written down for her lol!

Marcie Allen Stein said...

i saw this and was thinking pretty close the same exact thing. i do think Chelsea hit a sorespot when she mentioned the weight thing. Did you see LLs look when she fliped her off? Priceless

Kyle said...

Stan and I really enjoy Chelsea when we can see her online. Her show can be a bit of a mess, but it still has us on the floor.

Dinner versus fact check? A conundrum. Not really, I know I'd be munching on grub before I was out checking other people's stories.

Wonder Man said...

I want see that

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