Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Turn, Two Turns....Just Down The Road

A lonely country road sometimes seems the best place to pull off the highway and have a little privacy.

That’s what ol Hank thought. His thick fingers steered his tow truck toward the dirt tracks that lay just ahead. At 37, 6 feet of solid muscle and thick auburn hair cut high and tight, he always had his choice of willing partners -- well most of them were willing, and that brought a smile to his face.

Glancing in the rearview mirror he saw the small white car behind him. The driver, another nameless kid with hunger in his eyes and a willing mouth had approached Hank at the rest stop with an offer he just couldn’t refuse. Hanks voice, deep with a slight twang had whispered in the kids ear “Follow me and I’ll let you have your fun little man.

The kid had asked how far, and Hank just smiled that easy smile “One turn, two turns, just down the road. It’s not far and we can relax when we get there.”

The kid had nodded his agreement and dutifully stayed behind Hank for the last couple miles. The hook of the tow line swung in front of him, as the two vehicles moved further away from civilization. The headlights came on automatically, triggered by the first hint of darkness, casting their yellow glow ahead. It was a rough and uneven ride but the tow truck easily navigated the path it had followed so many times before, and the little white car stayed right behind.

Dusk does funny things to men, it changes the sense of what’s right and what’s wrong…. urging good men to cross lines they normally wouldn’t.

(This is my first completed story....if you'd like to read the rest, click here:


kris gilman said...

This is a perfect post for tonight! Happy haloween!

markwagnal said...

Spooky! HH!

absolutwillie said...

awesome awesome awesome!! my, my Geoff - you're talents seem to be blossoming exponentialy!
i want to read more :0)

Scotty Farrell said...

Creepy fun and gay, what more could I ask for on all hallows eve?

Charlie said...

I like it!

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