Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Have A Deal For You

I'm looking for some contributors for the podcast.......think you might be interested? 

I'm looking for people to do essays (regular blog posts like you already do), film/tv critic, health corner, or your own idea for the podcast!

For anyone who will sign up to do a weekly or biweekly feature, I will produce two or three blog promos for your blog. (like the one I did for Kevin at The Lisp). 

Then, I'll run them during the podcast each week, AND send you the files to use however you want on your own platform!  My career is in broadcasting,  so I promise I'll do a good job and we'll each get what we all really want....traffic and exposure for our blogs!   (and who knows?  Maybe a little fame too!)

Are you up for the challenge?   You're already writing, expressing yourself and being creative.   Come on board!

Who?     You
What?   A segment on the podcast
When?  Weekly or biweekly.
How?     Via phone (I'll record you from my studio) or you can send me a video or audio file.
In Exchange for:  a kickass promo featuring your blog!


Charlie said...

this could be fun

Kelly said...

i dunno if my ego could handle any more fame... but sign me up... if ya want...

Bobby said...

This could be fun for sure.. :)

Brooke Santor said...

I have a terrible radio voice

Kyle said...

Hi Geoff, this sounds very exciting!

I am very interested, but just so you know I don't have any experience doing such things. My voice isn't exactly like butta either. I've been putting off v-logging on YouTube and my blog for that very reason. Don't want the illusion to be shattered. Self confidence issues I guess; my stuff, not anyone elses.

I'd be interested in talking to you about this. I'm not sure which niches still need to be filled, but I'd love to be involved. I could certainly contribute to health, politics, films, or general essays. Thanks for asking all us Geoff.

absolutwillie said...

Hon, I'd love to chime in here - but I'm fresh out of ideas. Looks like you've got a host to choose from though :0) Looking forward to the end-product!!

Anonymous said...

Well if you're looking to fill the Travel/Weird people on planes niche.. let me know ;)

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