Friday, October 9, 2009

Let Them Know!

Okay, you're not going to be able to go to Washington DC for the National Equality March....or maybe you are going.

Right now you're sitting at your computer right?
Take 5 minutes away from blog and porn surfing to write AND call your State Rep and Senator, heck even your Govenor to let them know you support the march, and as a voter who VOTES (and I know you do), you expect them to represent you as a gay constituent and vote yes on gay issues.
A couple tips: 
Be polite, be direct.  Tell them as a constituent and a voter, you want to urge them to support gay rights legislation in your state and federally.  And that you will be keeping their voting record in mind when you vote in the next election.  I just did it and everyone was very polite to me.
It's easy, it takes 5 minutes, and will be just as, if not more important than going to DC this weekend...... I've tried to make it easy as are the links!

Governors Contact

Sample email:  (I just copied and pasted the following)

I am attending the National Equality March in Washington DC this weekend, and as a consituent and a voter who votes, I am urging you to support gay rights legislation in Idaho, and federally.

I am an out, gay taxpayer and appreciate your representation for GLBT rights in the Gem State.
I will be paying attention to your voting record on gay rights when I vote in the next election.
Thank you

Geoffrey Martin


kris gilman said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! We're going first thing in the morning, a redeye. I'm going to do just what you suggested in this post Geoff, See you there!

Anonymous said...

I cant go but I just finished calling them and sending my email. thanks for the links

Marcie Allen Stein said...

I am totally diggin this, thanks for the links babe!

larry said...

i am going to the rally here in chicago!!!

Kev said...

I didn't think of this, but I promise come monday I will call each one and have my family do so as well.

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