Friday, October 30, 2009

The Magic Of Blogging

I’m waking up.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes, vivid dreams of regret, forgiveness, possibility….all fresh in my mind.

Turning on my computer before the sun has a chance to spread it’s light.  I’m addicted in the worst and best way to this machine. It’s been my downfall, and my salvation.

Surfing, ingesting, digesting another incredible blog by someone I don’t know, but realize I could be.

A blog full of paintings, pictures, prose, talent, bitterness and hope…simple in presentation, eclectic in content, yet clearly defined in vision…..offering a glimpse into the soul of someone who‘s been down the block of life.
One photo series brought a particular memory rushing back….that of the best sex I ever had. The memory still creates a post orgasmic rush in my chest and an involuntary smile to my lips. Thankful….for the experience…..the memory and for being reminded.

There are some truly amazing people ‘out there’ in the world. They offset the ugliness of the masses simply by living their lives, by creating the magic that is inherent in every gay human being.

That is the magic of blogging.


Michael Rivers said...

I totally agree with you! There is a magic to blogging and I'm meeting some wonderful people!

Wonder Man said...

that is true

kris gilman said...

I 'third' that! especially with the magic in every gay human being. Well said!

Larry Ohio said...

It's given me the outlet I've long needed.

Brooke Santor said...

So many great bloggers out there--

Marcie Allen Stein said...

i would put yours on that list of magic babe!

Will said...

I've met many interesting gay guys via blogging--and been dazzled by the richness and variety of gay life in the U.S. and abroad. I've taken the next step and met many of them, several having become true and valued friends. Blogging has enriched my life in many ways.

Kyle said...

Geoff, I agree the blogging world is a truly magical place that exposes the best humanity has to offer. It is easy to read a blog and see reflections of yourself or your life. Whether I am writing a post or reading one, this medium renews me in a way no other outlet does.

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