Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy Road Today

I have a headache, a little stuffed up and have that general, overall 'yuck' feeling so am taking the easy road today.

I found this on another blog last week, and I cannot remember whose blog so I can't give them credit....but I've gotta share this.   Michael Buble is absolutely freakin adorable, and as the (now forgotten) original blogger shared in their post, "This shit happens to me all the time".  That line still makes me chuckle, because it happens to me too.

"It's" already happened to me, but I LOVE this song!


Brooke Santor said...

you are right, it is a fun vid. also like the sentiment in the flag pic. Looks like you made it back safe.

Tom said...

Been there, done that, Geoff!!!

What a great video though...


Charlie said...

Could this guy BE any cuter?

Kyle said...

Geoff, good song, great vid.

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