Saturday, October 3, 2009

Real Housewife of Atlanta Sadness

Late on the trend as usual, I just started watching Bravo's  Real Housewives of Atlanta, and this morning I read an article on CNN that Kandi Burruss the newest cast member, was mourning the death of her fiance today. 

Apparently he died after a fight the night before.

Kandi, a noteable record producer and performer in her own right, is my favorite cast member simply because I get a genuine vibe from her.  She's someone I wouldn't just want to know but have as a friend.

Her fiance, Ashley Jewell was on the show quite a bit and Kandi truly appeared in love with this guy.  On the series, she had to convince her relatives that he was a good man, and father. While she had a hard time turning their opinions around, she eventually succeeded.

According to police, he died after a fight at an Atlanta club October 2nd.  

I feel for anyone who loses a loved one, and wish her the best.


Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why he was in a fight outside an ATL nightclub tho. Still so sad.

Charlie said...

I think I read he was her ex fiance, but she was tweeting about how sad she was. It is sad.

RAD said...

I know sad....Poro Kandy! He was her ex but its still hard...

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